How to Understand a Man – Free Dating Tips

A disarming smile and a wacky sense of humor may charm anyone. What say of a man, he will be bowled over! Women in nature are gentle and soft, but many are bothered by unnecessary details and tensions. Most women come across as serious and uptight types. Men look out for females who are one among them, who is social with men and not at all self-conscious among their midst. Some men may prefer these kinds of girls who are fun to be with when they are relaxed and at home.

Some of the ways to understand the male gender are as follows: 

  • Many a man will love a female just for her oozing feminine charm. Women may drink beer along with men, or wear rough jeans and shirts like a man, but man may always prefer the shy, attractive and pretty damsel wearing a frock. They may choose to avoid women who act as their drinking colleagues.
  • Same way a criticizing and nagging female will be disliked by any man, some women may do that for altering their character, but it will prove a costly mistake, as any egoistic man would not like to be pin-pointed for his mistakes. You may lose him in the bargain.
  • Women can always manipulate their way around a man, you can charm your way, and make him believe what you are saying is for his own good. Be supportive at the same time assert your opinion in a loving and convincing way, that sure will work wonders with any man.
  • Men don’t like macho type angry women, who shout and assert their way forcibly in any argument or quarrel. They like a challenging and debatable women, but who is soft in her approach and not loud and obnoxious. A fiery red-hot temper may amuse them for a day or two, but when you have to live with such a character throughout your life, men may flee from such females.
  • Men are lazy creatures, and this shows in a relationship. Once you they are secured in wedlock they may relax and feel lull in their home ground. If you have to keep alive the magic and spark in a relationship, you have to challenge and interest your man so that he is awakened of his stupor and accepts the challenge. Make them run behind you or feel attracted towards you, rather than showing your deep love and caring for them.
  • Believe it or not, men are generally more reserved about sex than their female counterpart. Men may feel like experiencing and trying out lots of new techniques during sex, but most of them stick to a particular rhythm that pleases them most and may adhere to it.  Many women tend to get bored of the monotonous sex technique. So man, wake up and bring some variety home.
  • Men look for commitment in a relationship. It is much harder it find these days. But men need a partner whom they can trust and share their happiness and grief alike. And it is in no way a one-way path, so the search for the right partner continues.
  • Men hate to be left alone. They definitely want a partner who will drive away their boredom and bring cheer and happiness into their life, just like the fresh dew on a flower. So become the morning dew and bring freshness and light into the hearts of man who seem to have lost their way and are in deep confusion.

This vivacious and interesting column is apt for a heated debate about man-woman relationship. It is the nature of opinions; every opinion is different from others. The compact fact is that man needs a committed, trustworthy girl who is attractive and sexy and sees the world through his eyes. Now that’s a tough call, but that’s how a man thinks-Let the world change or earth reverse its rotation- Man will essentially remain the same. But they have to remember one thing i.e. it always takes two hands to clap!