What is Propolis? Health Benefits Of Propolis?

Propolis is made up from different resins that honey bees collect from the bark and buds of certain trees.

Some of these honey bees are designated Propolis collectors. They mix these resins with honey, wax and the enzymes they also make and use it to keep their bee hives or homes squeaky clean.

It is a hard, sticky, gum like substance which when having been examined by scientists is shown to contain hundreds of different chemical compounds. These compounds are also to be found in medicinal herbs and plants such as guggul, myrrh and boswellia.

What is Propolis used for by Honey Bees?

They turn these mixtures they make into a putty type material and set about sealing any cracks or openings and repairing their bee honeycombs. They are indeed great little housekeepers.

Low and beware any intruders such as mice that dare to enter their homes because the bees will set about embalming them after they have stung them to death.

Often a beekeeper will find a mummified invader on opening the hive.

Interestingly the Ancient Egyptians observed this and realizing the benefits often used it themselves for embalming their own mummies.

What is Propolis Used for by Us?

For thousands of years, just like honey, Propolis has been recognized and used as a powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibiotic substitute.

Beekeepers will eat this straight from the hive because they swear it keeps them fit and healthy. Not for them is the seasonal flu, these are kept at bay by the incredible natural antibiotic properties of Propolis.

In Europe, Asia and even some Middle Eastern countries Propolis has been used to heal septic wounds, battle wounds and skin ulcers with amazing healing effects.

If you know a beekeeper or can find one he will be only too pleased to give you a few tips on how best you can use this. Ask him the question “What is Propolis” and he’s very likely to give you a chunk. If he does…..eat it.

Are there any Health Benefits of Propolis?

These two together managed to cure my daughter naturally. All artificial medications had been tried and although gave temporary relief, nothing lasted for very long! You may like to read my health benefits of honey page where I have written about my own experiences of this amazing stuff and how it helped to cure my own daughter.

Today we are becoming more aware again of the benefits of honey (thank goodness). Not like me a few years ago, before I researched natural medicines. I can assure you there are many Propolis uses.

My daughter used Propolis lozenges or capsules which were very large a few years ago but thankfully they have reduced in size somewhat now!

How did the Medical Profession answer ~ What is Propolis?

One of the first modern medical research programs carried out on Propolis was on rats. It seems rats can have dental cavities just like us and when scientists applied Propolis to their teeth the enzyme that encourages dental plaque was destroyed.

San Diego Honey Company

This is why you can now buy Propolis toothpaste. In fact I recommend it whole heartedly. Goodness me, those honey bees are incredible!

In former Eastern Bloc countries where modern medicines were hard to get hold of Propolis was and is readily available due to the high percentage of beekeeping practices.

The medicinal properties of Propolis along with medicinal honey will kill or cure bacterial infections quickly and easily. Some of these bacteria are E.Coli, Staphylococcus, yeast infections, throat infections and boils. Anything basically caused by bad bacteria.

Honey and cinnamon is amazing for healing burns but as everything comes down to personal choice you may like to make a paste using Propolis and honey instead.

Use a good raw honey or the amazing Manuka honey and add some Propolis to this. Spread evenly over the wound and watch it heal fast.

What is Propolis Used for in the Beauty Industry?

It is being used increasingly more and more not as just a health product. The “beauty” industry has cottoned on to the benefits it has on skin. It can also be found in many forms now including facial creams, soaps, lipsticks, chewing gum, sunscreens toothpastes just to name a few.

Try using some Propolis in your own homemade beauty products. These will help to rid you of all kinds of skin infections helping to keep your skin as healthy as your body.

Propolis capsules and creams are available quite readily. However, please use a little caution and check those all important labels to ensure you buy the best you can.

If you are ever asked “what is Propolis” you can now give an informed answer and even explain the health benefits of Propolis. Spread the word; spread the benefits of honey and the benefits of Propolis.

Personally I am so happy this product has been picked up by both the beauty industry and of course the health industry. However on top of my “wish list” would be for everyone in the “medical world” to use the medical benefits of honey and Propolis as a priority. Who knows, maybe one day. If anyone ever asks you “What is Propolis”? You can answer them now, as like me, you are now an expert.