How to attract women

One of the biggest (and surprisingly common) mistakes a man can make when trying to get a woman is to seem overly keen to be with her.

Yes, women want men who care for them and are happy to be with them, but they also want a man who has enough confidence in himself to not bow down and kiss her feet!

A lot of men seem to have the mindset that this is what a woman wants from him; for him to simply do everything she wants him to do, even if it’s not what he wants.

True Pheromones

To do anything it takes for him to be with her.

But You Extinguish the Chemistry!

But this mindset is COMPLETELY WRONG!

One of the most important things a woman looks for in a man is CONFIDENCE.

A man who is confident in himself would not act that way with a woman.

Wuss behavior does not spark chemistry with women.

In fact, they get put off very easily by that wussy behavior, and results in her becoming extremely uncomfortable and eventually avoidance.

To avoid this from happening, you need CONFIDENCE!

YOU are worth a woman putting in some effort to be with you!
And that you don’t have to worship a girl to be with her!

Confidence is a mindset

Now don’t think that you have to change who you are or pretend to be something you are not in order to do this.

Confidence is a mindset!

You don’t have to be really good looking or wealthy in order for a woman to be interested in you.

Women are extremely attracted to a confidence man who can spark her chemistry, and every man has the potential.

Ugly man attracting beautiful lady?

Think of it – have you ever see an “ugly man” with beautiful women?
A short or bald man with an extremely nice looking babe going all crazy with him?

Why is it so?

It’s because of his personality! Not wealth, not looks and definitely not the gifts or sweet talk!

Change your mind set now!

You’ve probably heard people saying that if you keep telling yourself bad things about yourself that eventually you will start to believe them.

This is very true.

However, it also works the other way. If you keep telling yourself “I am worth it. I can make a girl feel amazing, and make her feel loved. I can make her want me” and things like that, then eventually you will start believing it.

You aren’t even lying to yourself, because women really do care mostly about how men make them feel, and how you treat women is really something you can learn the skills of with enough effort.

So every time you start thinking you’re not good enough or any other bad thoughts, STOP, and think positive thoughts about yourself.

Sense of mystery

Women also like a sense of mystery in a guy; things that she tries to figure out about him, things that just make him different from other men.

Don’t throw yourself at a girl all in one go, keep her wondering about you.

Play around with her.

If she asks questions about you, smile and say something like “I’ll leave you to see if you can figure that out on your own”.

Keep her guessing.

Don’t make it obvious that you are interested in her, drop playful hints that keep her thinking.

Especially on your online dating chat, keeping her guessing and teasing her score especially well!

You could even use this as a way of securing a date with her by saying something like “I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you some time to keep guessing, and I’m free next week, we can get together sometime and I’ll give you the answer”.

Don’t make it seem like you are asking her on a DATE just yet.

Make it seem like you’re very casual about whether or not she wants to see you again.

The fact that you aren’t chasing after her will make her put in some effort to chase after you.

Slowly but surely, reveal more and more about yourself and interact with her.

She will likely become drawn to you and over time, you can make your hints less subtle, and eventually you make it known that you are interested in her.

By this point, if you’ve played your cards right, she’ll already be interested in you and you’ll have your girl, making all your efforts worthwhile!

Happy dating!