Free Flirting Tips for Men and Women

The dictionary meaning of flirting is to make playfully romantic or sexual overtures. Suppose you are attending a party. Someone from somewhere comes and stands beside you. They try to gain your attention, come closer and closer. Your mind gets diverted and then you go there and chat. They would not move from their position and would imitate you. This person is flirting and shows off as if he likes you. But how is it known to you? This is because you can come to know by the body language and you are also a master in the field of flirting.

What is flirting exactly?

Flirting is a kind of pretending that you love someone. It is a kind of fun and is a wonderful experience. Flirting gives a kind of signal that we have interest in someone or just pretending. Yes, it’s also a part of our routine life. Flirting can also be harmful sometimes when it warns the faithfulness. But it can also be very much helpful to bring people intact as well as can be very sexy too. Some are experts in flirting and some of them have no interest or are not at all aware of all these stuffs.

True Pheromones

Ask yourself, do you flirt?

If you do then you should be proud of it really. Flirting is sexy, at times when you are flirting and people enjoy it. Flirting also means attracting people by touching, whispering and smiling. Sometimes it acts as a powerful tool and sometimes would be reverse. Beware of the difference between the unwanted sexual harassments and flirting.

There are many indicators through which we can know how the flirting is done. Through these indicators you may come to know which person is interested in you. One such indicator is called ‘mirroring’. When your imitation is done by someone, it is called ‘mirroring’.

Following are the ways through which you may know how the flirting starts:

1) Contact through eyes

  • While looking, eyes are spread wide.
  • Eyebrows go right up straight
  • Winking or blinking or rapid movement of eye
  • Starring continuously. Usually Men do this.

2) Mouth movement

  • Smiling openly with teeth seen
  • Licking lips
  • Giving a kind of flying kiss
  • Touching the teeth or lips with the tongue.

3)  Touching hair

  • Contact through eyes along with hair movements.
  • Moving hair in a toying or stroking motion.

4)  Movement of body

  • Push breasts or chest outwards while staring
  • Mirroring
  • Gazing at you while dancing on music.
  • Standing in a pose
  • Showing off the thigh

5)  Touching you

  • They would touch you by some or other excuse
  • They will feed you by giving a bite.
  • They will start playing with their hands itself and then with your hands.

6)  Way of Speaking

  • They will imitate your speech and tone.
  • They will question and laugh a lot.
  • In the whole group, you will be focused even if generic questionnaires are going on. This was faced by me personally in New York and I was really shocked how all this happened.

The one important thing you must remember is, flirting is a kind of fun and even more than that. You will surely be much more surprised by the flirtatious moments that you have personally faced.

From the above discussion we can summarize that, flirting is a kind of human interaction, especially showing the romantic and sexual interest in other person. It mainly consists of body language, physical contact or conversation. It is possible that it may be one-sided.